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Services to lead our customers into the new age of IT

Data centers are constantly evolving, living entities that can change on a daily basis. As products in today’s data center are increasingly inter-operated and aligned, there is new risk if vendor firmware isn’t properly tested for compatibility.
SURIA’s proactive support services can help mitigate these unknown risks, create a road map for best practices, and offer consulting solutions specific to your business needs.

Benefits of SURIA’s Proactive Services include:

  • Health checks to proactively identify and solve problematic issues that may otherwise go undetected.
  • Assigned technical account manager, providing the following tailored services:
    • System Health Checks
    • Business Reviews
    • Project Planning
    • Design Solutions
    • Other required services for IT system optimal operation
  • Access to the full bench of SURIA Engineers and talent.
  • Single point of contact for all technical, operational, service, and support related inquiries and advice.

Augmented Staffing

SURIA Corporation offers clients augmented staffing for both day to day needs and specific projects or deployment. When your business requires additional staffing but cannot hire supplementary headcount, SURIA can fill in the gaps to meet your specific business needs.
SURIA’s level and expertise is available in all areas of IT, including:

  • IT Administration
  • IT Consulting
  • Assessments
  • Firmware/Patch OS Management
  • Project Management


 - Hardware
 - Software
 - On Premise SoftPBX
 - Cloud SoftePBX
 - Hardware:
   - Phone
   - Cabling
   - Add-On
 - SIP Trunking


Cyber Security
 - Consulting
 - Procuring
 - Implimentation
 - Managed
Managed Services
 - On Premise
   - HelpDesk
   - Support
 - Remote
   - Support
 - Implimentation
Cloud Services
 - Consulting
 - Procuring
 - Migration
 - Managed
Architecture Services
 - Network
 - Infrastructure
 - Software


N-2-N : IT Solutions
 - SoftPBX
   - Asterisk Based
   - 3CX
 - Phones
 - Infrastructure
   - Installation
   - Cabling
31 Years ... of Innovation!
31 years ... of Innovation!
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